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Jennifer Sable

Warm Lap



What pops up when I open my word processor for the day?

I have several pieces in the works right now. (If you’d like to have up to the minute news about my books, a soon to come epilogue for Wanting Forever, and subscriber-only access to giveaways, the sign up for my newsletter is at the bottom of this page.)

I’ll start with Wanting Forever – Airships, distance, and love.

Also in process is Finding Forever – the sequel to Wanting Forever. Great risks have great rewards. They also have great consequences.

The last book in the Chronocon series is Seeking ForeverThere isn’t much to this one yet beyond the title. I’ll update as it develops!

The contemporary series starts with Soft Focus. Animals and film. What could go wrong? I am hoping to release this series starting in February of 2018.
In-Flight Entertainment is the second title. Currently it is merely some doodles, but I’ll whip it into shape for an April 2018 release.

Finally, there is Hearts and Flours which was written for a charity anthology in 2015. This contemporary short story is about a baker who meets the man of her dreams, but she finds out he’s allergic to her job. If you’d like to read it, Hearts and Flours is available upon request. Simply e-mail me at Jennifer@JenniferSable.com or if you’d like updates automatically e-mailed to you, sign up for my newsletter below!


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