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What pops up when I open my word processor for the day?

I have four pieces in the works right now. (If you’d like to have up to the minute news about my books, a soon to come epilogue for Separation Point, and subscriber-only access to giveaways, the sign up for my newsletter is at the bottom of this page.)

I’ll start with Separation Point – Airships, distance, and love. Sounds like a romance to me! It is currently available for download from Amazon,Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords!

Also in process is Fundamental Forces – the sequel to Separation Point. Great risks have great rewards. They also have great consequences.

The second is Soft Focus. Animals and film. What could go wrong?

Then there’s Hearts and Flours. A short story written for inclusion in a charity anthology. What do you do when the man of your dreams is allergic to your job?

Those are just the ones that have some sort of shape. I also have “Throwing Sparks” in the developmental stage (that’s French for “I haven’t written anything yet”) and perhaps something about a woman who needs to find someone to tile her bathroom because her usual guy joined the Peace Corps. Okay, maybe that one would be a bit of a snoozefest, but I have lots of friends with insomnia!

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