Posted by on April 24, 2016

Published in July of 2009, Start Me Up by Victoria Dahl is the second book in the Tumble Creek series and I’ve decided to tell you about it in my inaugural “Not-Necessarily-New Book Review”. I’m sure you’re wondering why the first book review I post would be the second book in a series that was published in 2009.

Put quite simply, I love this book. I have a TBR pile (that’s To-Be-Read, for the uninitiated) taller than I am, but I will occasionally come back to re-read this book.

So. What is it about this book that brings me back? Maybe it’s the non-traditional heroine. Lori Love is a mechanic in a garage she owns. Was it in her life plan? No, not really. Tragedy brought her back home from college and she never quite had the chance to get her life back on its original track.

Maybe it’s the hero who is exactly my kind of catnip. Tall, and very intelligent. An architect with his own practice. Rowr.

There’s a little danger. A little suspense. And a lot of hot sexy times. But not so much that you wonder whether or not you’ve just read a manual.

Dahl writes so well in all of her books. She weaves the scene with words in a way that engrosses me fully in the book.

There are two other books in the Tumble Creek series: Talk Me Down and Lead Me On. They are the first and the third installments respectively, and are both reading time well spent.