Posted by on May 1, 2016

Oh my. Jill Shalvis has so many books out it boggles the mind to wonder how she manages to write, edit, and feed her cat, Sadie (who is also known to her fans as Satan.) It might boggle your mind to know that I’ve read almost every single thing she’s published. Almost, not quite, but almost. My Kind of Wonderful  was, in deep contrast to my last book review, released in December of 2015.

However, just like the last book, it is the second in a series (The Cedar Ridge series, specifically) and of the three, it’s my favorite. There’s drama. There are hot, sexy times. And there is snow.

Have I mentioned that I love snow? Well. I love snow and rarely get to see it, but books set at ski resorts during ski season allow me to imagine snow and people out frolicking in snow. I like to imagine skiing because that is much safer than actual  skiing. I would break my leg before I got the second ski attached. That’s how much of a klutz I am.

Anyway… On to the book review!!

Why did I like  My Kind of Wonderful? I love the hero. I love the heroine. I love the hero’s nosy siblings. They are all written like people I would want to get to know and be friends with. They’re warm and friendly. They genuinely care about those who get adopted into their family. There’s nothing they won’t do to help the ones they love, including butt out when told to do so.

The setting, a ski resort in the mountains above Denver, is so clear to me that it was like I was there. Of course, I say that about most books as I do have quite an imagination, but it might also be that I don’t get very far in books that aren’t vividly written.

The heroine, Bailey, after surviving a nearly unsurvivable illness, and has come to the resort to paint a mural. The hero, Hudson (I love that name), is overworked and never has time for life, forget about having relationships beyond family. You know there’s a spark when he makes time to talk to her.

The other two books in the Cedar Ridge series are Second Chance Summer  and Nobody But You , the first and third installments.