It’s been a year since Anda Gault, first officer on the ASPECT airship Chronocon, stepped in front of a bullet meant for someone else. When she is given the opportunity to take down the militant group that came after the ship, she jumps at the chance to right a wrong—and regain her footing after injuries knocked her off track. In spite of the man assigned to protect her being every woman’s dream, nothing is going to distract her. She doesn’t mind a one-night stand (or several) for fun, but getting entangled with him isn’t the way to stay safe.

Everly Bishop Stone—Stone to his friends—has built his career on his protectiveness of others. Over the years he’s served as the bodyguard for a lot of interesting people, but none so interesting as Anda. She’s smart, funny, and can take care of herself. That makes it hard to remember that falling for an assignment is a line he does not cross.

When they have to abort their mission and escape into the dangerous and inhospitable no man’s land of the Wilds, they grow closer. So close that they’ll do whatever it takes to fight for each other and a future together.


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